In Memory of Gifts

Gifts in memory received in 2019, are listed here. Names of loved ones are bold. The names below are the generous donors. All gifts are listed unless the donor wished to remain anonymous.

Thank you! Without your generosity we would not be able to help make a meaningful difference in the end of life journey for hospice and palliative care patients and their families in our community.

Don Briles
Richard Clarkson

Catherine Camp
Mel & Georgena Hanning

Douglas R. French
Lorraine Woods

Dianne Hammerstrom
Apryl Graham

Janice Harvey
Scott Eichner



2018 Gifts

Ralph & Dorothy Bunch
Cyndi HollowayShirley Betzing
Marcia Maxwell

Dave Christensen
Debbie Blackburn
Janet Franke

Lousie Cierley
Nancy Schultz

David Cwikla
Karin Fisch

Carole DeLorenzo
Laurie Craig
Donald & Fritzi Eide

Marjorie Ekholm
Karin Fisch

Winn Fletcher
Elizabeth Director
Barry & Rosanna Lutz
Kathryn Lyons
Julie Rule

Margaret “Petty” Guild
Cody & Carissa Steinmann

Philip R. Harris
Molly Coston

Janice Harvey
Dennis & JoAnn Brockmann
Clem Bartolai
Elsie Chan
Alice Boling DeLuca
Patricia Hall
Susan Gilbert
Lois Haeger
Jennifer Jones
Helen Kruse
Michael and Charleen Lester
Robert Shawley
Patricia Sparks
Bill & Coleen Swettman
Sharie Westby

Gerald Hekenlively
Gerald & Margaret Heckenlively

Robert Holmdohl
Gail Czech
Geraldine Holmdohl


Ralph Kelly
Scott WeberJack Kimmins
Gail M. Czech Living Trust
Nancy Foley-Hibberd
Don Heimbigner
Debbie Iverson
Job’s Daughter and DeMolay Reunion
Nancy Kotrlick
Dana & Kathy Lockhart
Dan and Mimi McAneny
Jane & Ed Richards
Cherie Staehely
Sharie Westby

Steven LaMere
Sally Day
Catherine Dunham
Debbie Iverson
Janet LaMere
Marcia Maxwell
Terry Molander
Mary Russell
Jolyn Skidmore
Cherie Staehely
Jacqueline Whalen

William Nelson
Carol Keljo

Walt Parks
Gloria Parks
Kristie Walling

Esther Perry
Kathryn Hendrickson
Renee Hubbell

Danny Proudfit
Del & Lois Proudfit
Mary Russell

Mildred Putnam
Janice Harvey

Jim Raines
Patricia Generaux

Rita Rhodes
Alan & Patricia Grube
Kelly Nolen

Jane Ryan
Maria Harter

Janet Sauer
Rex Jones




Betty Savidge
Megan Shakeshaft
Tom Schorr
Linda SchorrMary Stecher
John & Michele Rudi
Southcliff Neighborhood Association

Bill Tom
Darlene Peterson

Warren K. Unzelman
Ann Bump

Debby Van Belle, Carol & Dad
Judy Aalared

Mary Ellen Vaughan
LaDonna Abuyan
Gene & Jo Bartu
Laura Basserman
Betsy Ellingson
Paul & Linda Ellingson
Patricia Generaux
Kathleen Greet
Donald Heimbigner
Randi Holland
Debbie Iverson
Kathy McCaffree
PEO Sisterhood
Evelyn Turner
Robin Zanner
Margaret Zuke

Lee Yaney
Candy Humphrey